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Nato Smart Mounts work with GPS, Smartphones, Tablets, and most Laptops less than 2lbs.

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This stick-on universal smartphone magnetic car mount WILL NOT BLOCK THE AIR VENT nor the windshield of your car. It's 10 times easier to use than any other mount, just stick it on your dash and you're good to go.


What's in the box

  • Nato Mount (Swivel Magnet)

  • Square Adhesive Metal Plate (2.28" x 1.57")

  • Circle Adhesive Metal Plate (1.57")

  • Wet & Dry Wipes (for application)

  • Extra 3M Adhesive

Product Benefits

Complementary Design

The complementary design of the included metal plate will fit into the back of any smartphone / case. The magnetic mount has a smooth surface that is perfectly suitable for mounting on many surfaces in your car, home, boat, office, garage...you name it!.

Powerful Magnetic Mount

The reinforced magnetic holder of this mount is what sets it apart from other mounts. Our mounts produce an intensive force of attraction that will hold any smartphone, even on bumpy roads.


Swivels Your Display

Rotate your smartphone and swivel your display as you please. The base of the mount remains stuck on your dashboard of your car and doesn't move, no matter how much swiveling or rotation you do. We guarantee that your smartphone will always remain in your preferred position, or your money-back.

Sturdy Base

The high quality rubber construction of the base of the mount is unique and very functional as well. It guarantees that the base of the mount will solidly hold the magnetic head of the mount, to help keep your smartphone in place, regardless of road vibrations or impacts.

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Install in 3 easy steps

Metal Plate Placement


What Customers Say

  1. testimonial1

    Sandra S.

    I just love my Smart Mount. It became an indispensable part both at home and in my car. It's strong enough to hold a laptop - impressive!

  2. testimonial2

    Jim T.

    One of those things that once you have you can't live without. Got one for myself, the wife and two more for my parents. We all love it!

  3. testimonial3

    Ashley M.

    The mount was WAY stronger than I thought it was going to be. It actually pulls the device towards it. I love it so much I bought 5 and have one in my backpack at all times. Thank you!


Will the magnet cause damage to my device?

The high powered neodymium magnets are 100% safe for all GPS, smartphones, tablets, and most laptops that weigh less than 2 lbs.

Will the 3M tape damage the interior of my car?

Nato Mounts use high quality automotive grade 3M adhesive, so they will always hold strong but can also be easily removed if that time ever comes. Always apply to a smooth, clean surface. In rare occasions, to remove stubborn adhesive you can use 3M Adhesive Remover or apply heat with a blow dryer and wipe off with a damp rag.

How does it work?

After you have applied the base mount to a flat surface using our high quality automotive grade 3M adhesive, our strong neodymium magnets attract the included metal plate and hold it in place. You must apply the metal plate to your device or place inside your smartphone, tablet, or GPS case.

Will this work with my device?

The high powered neodymium magnets are 100% safe for all GPS, smartphones, tablets, and most laptops that weigh less than 2 lbs.

When will I receive it?

All orders are shipped via USPS the same-day you order, if you order before 4pm PST. Typically orders can take 2-5 days to arrive depending on where you live in this beautiful world.

How does your return policy work?

If you are not 100% satisfied, we will gladly provide you with a full refund. Contact our support here or call us at 888-655-6404. They will initiate your return and when we receive your returned item we'll issue a full refund to your original payment method.

Is the magnet strong enough to hold my device on bumpy roads?

Our high powered neodymium magnets can hold almost any device under 2lbs steady over most bumpy roads.